{nourish} with food


Nourishing meals.

We close our eyes and inhale the aroma of a fragrant, just out of the oven apple pie. Or the spices swirling and combining in a pot of paella. The smells that bring us back to a moment in time. A dinner with family. Dining out at your favorite eatery. Your first meal prepared together as newlyweds.

Food nourishes more than just our bellies. It can nourish our spirit as well. Each time I choose a recipe, or I fill my counter top with the ingredients for that day’s meal, or I walk through a farmer’s market to taste and procure, I stop and remember that what I create matters.

Food can be an experience.

Every Tuesday night my husband and I have “leftovers” which to most people is generally seen as twice warmed pizza on a paper plate.  But we do things a bit differently. We use the good plates. I put on lipstick and a cute dress. He lights candles, turns on soft music and we make a date out of it. I may serve a casserole made from various extra ingredients from previous meals. Or it could be thawed meatloaf. Nothing fancy, but we stop and enjoy the time together. We nourish our marriage through food and quality time.

Do you take time to let food be a nourishing experience? How can you share that with your family?

Try this Super Immune Boosting Chicken Soup recipe. I generally make enough for that night’s dinner and extra to freeze in containers for a quick meal later on.


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