a life inventory


I have kept a journal for years. Each word on every page is sacred. Each line is part of a story. My story. My journals are filled with many emotions, tears, wine stains and a few brownie crumbs.

For years I would finish a journal, wrap it in paper and place it in a box that would ultimately fill up and be taped shut and placed in my attic. On the outside of each box one word was printed: Fragile. I found that fitting. And that’s where my words began and ended. They were closed, hidden, for my eyes only. And fragile. I couldn’t even imagine at that time having anyone read my thoughts.

But then I moved to Prague. And I began to be pushed and encouraged to share my voice. To SPEAK. And so I did. And it was during that time that I began to blog. As time passed I gained courage and ultimately my true voice. I was no longer ashamed, afraid or apologetic.

“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” — Iyanla Vanzant

This is my space. My words. My moments and memories that I offer to you because they become so much more powerful when they are shared. They have the power to heal.

As part of my Story101 writing course, I’ve been encouraged to write an inventory.  A collection of life moments. Some bring back tears, others, fits of laughter. But they all are pieces to my story. And I’m thankful I can share them with you.

Eighteen hour drives to Kentucky each summer.

Riding my Papaw’s horse Prince.

Catching fireflies.

Decorating the family Christmas tree.

Ballet classes.

Singing Billy Joel songs with my mother.

Going to the Girl Scout daddy daughter dance. I always got to pick the restaurant before the dance.

Had my first kiss in the church parking lot.


Learned to drive with my dad at the greyhound track lot.

Experienced grief and loss in the deepest and most painful of ways.


Enjoyed my first taste of whiskey.

Applied for my first passport.

Sang on stage for the first time.

Attended film school.

Experienced my first west coast sunset.

Danced in Central Park.

Arrived at my first international city- Dublin. And spent the next few weeks falling in love with the Northern Irish people in a tiny town called Killyleagh.

Lost my voice. Surrendered my power to someone who abused it.

Met Jesus.

Made my 4th move to a new town.

Created my first song writing journal.

Read The Screwtape Letters.

Engaged in true community for the first time.

Started a photography business.

Moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

Kara Sr and Kara Jr were established in our downtown apartment.

Cooked my very first Thanksgiving dinner for 25 Czech students.

Met Shaman in Budapest.

Moved back to Northern California. Settled in and established roots in a new family of friends.

Fell in love with the wrong person.

Sought out new adventures in suburbia.

Kicked cancer’s ass!

Fight Club began and was something I looked forward to each week for over a year.

Fell out of love.

Got my first tattoo.

Read The Four Agreements for the first time.

The Tailgate Club was established…

…and I vowed to never drink jaeger again.

I was reminded of how blessed I am by the people in my life.

Got inked…again.

Began to risk in new ways.

Fell in love with the right person.

Bought a wedding dress.

Introduced Max to my family.

I said YES!  and received my favorite piece of jewelry EVER.

Started a new dream.

Moved and started adapting to the country life.

Made my health a priority for the first time in a long time.

Created boundaries and didn’t waver from my convictions.

Walked down the aisle in my cowboy boots.

Started new family traditions.

Connected with the phrase “mama in waiting”

Started a new job.

Got inspired to FINALLY write the story I have been wanting to share for years!


So that’s my story thus far. And I love that it’s not over. Far from it! There is much much more to be told. New moments to be written and shared.

What are your memorable moments? What story have you yet to share?


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