jumping into deeper waters


 “They saw the works of the Lord, his wonderful deeds in the deep.” Psalm 107:24

Deep calls to deep as the Scriptures say.

For some, the deep waters are defined by the losses and messiness of life.

The loss of my mother.

The wounds from an abusive relationship.


An auto immune disease diagnosis.

A miscarriage.

A broken friendship.

I know those deep waters well. I have experienced the overwhelming feeling of drowning. The loneliness in those situations.

But I was never really alone. Never.

I’m now so aware that God was right beside me. In fact, there are times I can look back and see that He brought me into the deep, in order to open my eyes and heart to the wonders He can do.

And that’s where I begin to see those deep waters as something exciting rather than frightening. When He brings me to that place, something amazing can happen.

Water often symbolizes chaos. But it can also be life giving.

Deep calls to deep.

The deep longings of our soul are met with the deep desires of His heart.

What a beautiful place that is. Sometimes the open water can cause us to deal with the chaos. But sometimes it pushes us to dig deep. Really deep. What are the longings of your soul? What is life giving for you? It doesn’t always have to be a loss. Sometimes taking the risk into the unknown draws out something beautiful. Something you never thought possible. Something you haven’t wanted or chosen to bring to the surface.

I’m not waiting for an invitation. I’m choosing to jump into the deep end. Where I pray I’ll discover more of myself. Where I’ll seek adventure and take more risks. Where the desires I have will be spoken and lived out.

And I won’t be alone.

I’m falling into deeper waters, calling out to Him.
I’m walking into deeper waters, going after Him.


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