Signs of a terrible bachelor party

bachelor_party_invitation_card-p137441158189821144bfmxk_400Max  can’t stop talking about his bachelor party which is still a few weeks away. The words “I don’t wanna know” has come out of my mouth too many times already. :-) But I do hope the guys have a fun weekend!

Guys, here’s how to know if your bachelor party isn’t going well:

10.) It’s you and your parents in the basement watching Wheel of Fortune.

9.) You ordered a stripper named Erin. You got a stripper named Aaron.

8.) You just ran out of game tokens for skee-ball and that giant mouse keeps trying to drag you into the ball pit.

7.) Instead of a beautiful woman, a homeless man named Jimbo has just jumped out of your cake.

6.) The hot waitress at Hooter’s that you’ve been admiring from behind turns out to be your fiance. Surprise!

5.) You told your Best Man you wanted a bachelor party in Las Vegas, NV. You got a bachelor party in Las Vegas, NM.

4.) It’s 3:30am and you can’t find a single tattoo removal service that’s open.

3.) The Best Man was just kicked out of the gentlemen’s club for asking a stripper for change.

2.) Somehow, YOU are the designated driver.

1.) It’s 8:30 and you’re already in bed.


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