10 ways you know the wedding you’re at is lame.


We’ve all been to our fair share of laaame weddings. Here are ten signs that the wedding you’re attending will be one you’re sure to remember, as reeaallly lame.

10.) There’s a $15 cover charge.

9.) Every guest is required to slow dance with the groom’s Uncle Mort.

8.) The menu lists the same item for appetizer, dinner and dessert — Spam Surprise.

7.) Two and a half hours into the ceremony, the officiant lets everyone out for the “halftime” bathroom break.

6.) Due to an odd mix-up at the florist, each dinner table is adorned with Poison Ivy.

5.) It’s being live-streamed to Myspace.

4.) The bride and groom just left the reception early to go get a head start on writing their thank-you notes.

3.) The venue double booked the ballroom, so you’re sharing the reception space with the annual meeting of the North American Tarantula Owner’s Club.

2.) The band only knows songs by Creed.

1.) Your MC for the evening: Chris Brown


PS- My own wedding is only 2 months away. It’s gonna be kick ass. I promise.


4 thoughts on “10 ways you know the wedding you’re at is lame.

  1. It could be worse. #2 could have been nothing but Nickelback.

  2. leann payne says:

    you are so funny!

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