September 7th A&A

Not everything goes according to plan.


-Walking out of a restaurant restroom w toilet paper stuck to my foot. Really? THAT just happened.

-Getting a muffin for breakfast and requesting that it be heated up. I pay for it and then the muffin boy confirms that I want it to be heated. Yes, I say. So he goes behind the counter to grab it for me and asks again, “Now. You’re sure you want this heated up?” I don’t know that I have anything else to say about this.

-Doing a harmless teeth check in the car mirror. {It’s my car alright? Free reign.} Only to have Doris in the next car over giving me the “You are no southern belle, are you?” look. That’s right. I had spinach for lunch. Drink it in, Doris. Drink it in.


-The upcoming weekend! A family wedding, amazing friends coming to visit and an opportunity to get Max out on a dance floor!!

-Root beer? Since when?

-The two white canvases I picked up on my adventuring yesterday. So excited to break out my paints! It’s really amazing we have a wrap around porch and endless fields of no neighbors (in sight). You betcha buttons I’ll be Rachel McAdamsing all over that.


One thought on “September 7th A&A

  1. Nancy Gorrell says:

    Who is Rachel Mc Adams?

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