August 31st: Friday’s A&A

No one wanted to pull him.


  • Realizing that there’s another Max in my phone contacts – an old business contact- right AFTER I text him to “pick up toilet paper at Safeway”. Only mildly horrifying.
  • Self check-out stands. Don’t ever get behind me in one of those things. I’m tellin’ you, I have a GIFT for finding that one special item that won’t scan. Or like 10 of them.
  • Serenading myself (dance moves included) with the last part of the song that I was listening to in the car as I stop to unlock my door, only to look over and see my neighbor sitting on his front porch. It is in that moment when one truly realizes where their level of confidence is at. Mine was at a zero with an audible DANGIT.


  • A sweet, appreciative kiss at the stove while I’m cooking dinner.
  • Motorcycle adventures, 42 degree evenings in the mountains and lots of photo opportunities.
  • Good health! Finally finding out REAL answers that will solve this nightmare (hopefully) for good. Good sleep, good eating habits and a workout schedule are working wonders in addition to medical tests!

One thought on “August 31st: Friday’s A&A

  1. Jim Maddox says:

    Poor Max!

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