August 3rd: Friday Wrap Up

Things I Accomplished:

1. Ripping off all of my surgical bandages after an emergency appendectomy last week. I swear, I already knew I was a wimp when it comes to physical pain but I had over-dramatized the idea of taking off the bandages. Feeling much better now and Max is happy not be my personal slave anymore.

2. Wedding venue? CHECK! Dress paid for? CHECK! Cake tasting appointment made? CHECK! Guest list started? CHECK! Wedding favors found? CHEEEECK! I’ve accomplished SO much with the wedding in such a small amount of time that I should be able to rest for the next few months right? Right???

Sh*t I Found Online While I Was Suppose to be Working:

When I’m Driving and Someone Touches my Radio

Ketchup is a Vegetable

Zombie head gum ball machine


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