June 29th Friday Wrap Up

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! My Golden Birthday at that! Today I celebrate my 29th birthday on the 29th day of June!

And since I’m already older and (much) wiser than last year I thought I’d share some of my wisdom. I’ve been 29 for two hours now which makes me an expert, right?

15 things that I assume happen when a person turns 29:

  1. One wirey hair starts growing on your chin and returns 14 seconds after you pluck it.
  2. You consider having a child for the time off work.
  3. A hangover takes 3 days to cure, and you cure it with big girl drugs like percocet.
  4. You don’t giggle when someone farts. Okay you still giggle, but not audibly.
  5. Dilbert becomes funny.
  6. You buy Activia because you think it was noble of Jamie Lee Curtis to pose unphotoshopped.
  7. Older men don’t look as hairy as they used to.
  8. You can sort of keep a plant alive.
  9. Dry clean only clothes get cleaned instead of thrown out.
  10. Your friends start having kids that aren’t accidents.
  11. There are STDs you haven’t heard of.
  12. You stop choosing wine based on the picture on the bottle.
  13. Cathy cartoons still aren’t funny, but you get what all the screaming is about.
  14. You try to calculate exactly how many more times in your life you’ll have to buy tampons.
  15. You start choosing concerts by whether or not there are chairs.

Sh*t I Found Online While I Was Suppose to be Working:

The EFFEN Weather (explicit)

Eyebombing. This. Is. Awesome.

Max, I want this for Christmas please.


2 thoughts on “June 29th Friday Wrap Up

  1. HAHA – hilarious! Happy Birthday!!! :)

  2. Nancy Gorrell says:

    I’m going to eye bomb. I’ll never look at an object in the same way again!

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