swear jars

When I was a nanny we had swear jars to keep me from cursing. (I know. I know. Stop judging.)  I liked the concept but I always thought it would be better used to stop people from saying more uncomfortable phrases than “douche-nozzle” and “hell-biscuits.”  That’s why I want to make my own swear jars and make my boyfriend use them ALL THE TIME.

I resent the fact that Max just said he’d make his own damn jars and they’d say stuff like “I’m tired” and “I don’t understand how that works” and “The oven is broken”. Mostly because the oven IS broken and I’m tired. I don’t understand how that works.


One thought on “swear jars

  1. Nancy Gorrell says:

    Max likes to avoid conflict, so he has some self evident stock answers, so when he says, “The oven doesn’t work,” it means the oven does not work, end of discussion. He does not want to say that he owned the oven in a previous relationship with a woman who did not cook, and a mouse took up residence in the oven and chewed things up and he just got the stove when they split. Too much discussion. Into the “No discussion Jar!” Most men are like that.

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