June 1st Friday Wrap Up

Things I Accomplished This Week:

1. I made a BIG decision…to start up my photography business again. It’s been almost two years since I have had a show in a gallery and I’m missing the opportunity to share my creativity. Looking forward to what’s in store later this year!

2. I discovered new areas and places that I can see myself going to frequently and enjoying in Sonora (the town that my boyfriend lives in) It’s a huge step toward the reality of me moving there in the future!

3. I got back in to see my acupuncturist and reflexologist after a short hiatus. It feels good to continue working on my health!

Sh*t I Found Online While I Was Suppose to be Working:

The Worst Things For Sale

Squirrel Fashion Sense

Porn for Pregnant Ladies (it’s not what you think…)

I’m at least 3 of these people.


2 thoughts on “June 1st Friday Wrap Up

  1. Nancy Gorrell says:

    Oh! Those squirrels were just too cute, but detached from the reality of marauding pirate squirrels at my bird feeders. The photographs look just like the charming illustrations of Beatrix Potter and her “Squirrel Nutkin” books she did after “Peter Rabbit.” My name for a particularly obnoxious squorrell is “Bad Ass.”

  2. Nancy Gorrell says:

    Beatrix Potter squirrels! The squirrels in my back yard should be dressed in pirate garb, boarding my bird feeders for plunder, not as genteel British countrywomen!

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