May 25th Friday Wrap Up

Things I Accomplished This Week:

1. I fell asleep outside, under the stars. A great ending to a peaceful evening. Too bad I forgot my phone (which is also my alarm clock) and rushed to work the next morning.

2. I had my portrait painted by a local artist. I have no idea what the final picture will look like but it was fun!

3. Set up an appointment for my next tattoo!!

Sh*t I Found Online When I Was Suppose to be Working:

I’m starting to notice a trend with the links I share here. Animals are funny!

Disapproving Rabbits

Fake Science: How dog whistles work

This is what happens when a man teaches his cat how to instant message.

I have no idea why this is funny. But it is.


One thought on “May 25th Friday Wrap Up

  1. Nancy Gorrell says:

    I liked “Webeekatzenbootz” … What were they ON?!

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