May 18th Friday Wrap Up

Things I Accomplished:

1. I was able to sleep 8 or more hours EVERY NIGHT this week! Yeehaw! Feeling healthier more and more now!

2. I wore makeup every day this week, which is rare for me. And although I didn’t enjoy it, my clients at work and my boyfriend I’m sure really appreciated it. :)

3. I kicked the enemy’s ass. He deserved it. He’s been plotting to knock me down for some time now. I couldn’t let that happen. It felt GOOD to win this battle. Kara-1 Satan-0.  hehe

Shit I Found Online While I Was Suppose to be Working:

Superhero Mothers Day cards

Want some scary ass bird shoes?

Pinterest, you are drunk.

Ok, ok Parrot. We get it. You LOVE chocolate.



One thought on “May 18th Friday Wrap Up

  1. elizabelle01 says:

    I love your Friday wrap-ups!!

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