I dream of being a professional nail polish namer

I want to be a Professional Nail Polish Namer.

Yeah, I AM serious. :)

I’d love to use my creativity in some fun, obscure way AND sell it to the masses.

I recently read this in the LA Times:

“L.A.-based nail polish company OPI is arguably the pioneer in giving lacquers off-the-wall names. “We got into nail color in 1989, when colors were ‘Red No. 19′ or ‘Mauve No. 7.’ It wasn’t sexy and it wasn’t fun,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI executive vice president and artistic director. “We made it into an emotional experience and named the colors after destinations.”

Weiss-Fischmann and her creative team take inspirational trips to get ideas for each collection. The name that ends up on the bottom of each bottle is generally a riff on something like a landmark or food they experienced while traveling. They regroup back at OPI’s North Hollywood headquarters, where about six people sit in a closed door meeting. Attendees bring food and other items of inspiration based on the collection’s destination or theme. Naming a collection of 12 shades takes six to eight hours.

Sooooooo……..anyone want to join my team? We’ll meet every month, drink whiskey and come up with really sarcastic names. Sound good? ;-)

Let’s start with a few now:

Blue Me Away

pump up the Jam

Wooden Shoe Like to Know

Pat on the Black

Yucatan if You Want To

Melon of  Troy

Iris I Was Thinner

Friar, Friar Pants of Fire

Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

Tart Deco



3 thoughts on “I dream of being a professional nail polish namer

  1. leann payne says:

    love your name ideas. if you pay me to travel and “gather ideas” i would love to join your team that would be the perfect job for me thanks for the invite!!!

  2. Nancy Gorrell says:

    I can remember an ad campaign from the 50s naming a lipstick and nail polish for Revlon. The polish was called “Fire and Ice.” The reaction was huge! ….so long ago!
    Here are some suggestions:

    Better Red than Dead ( a slogan defying the McCarthy era witch hunts )
    Well Red
    Reddy for Freddy
    Pinko ( now that the Soviet Union is no more )
    Pinky Pink (disregard the other nails)
    Ruby Toesday….

  3. Caiti says:

    I thought of a few catchy ones off the top of my head:
    Pardon my French
    Nailed it
    Bare your soul
    Finger it out
    Watch your finger
    Celebration toes-t
    Aca-blue ( for an aqua color. After the movie pitch perfect. Aca-believe it )

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