May 4th: Friday Wrap Up

As I woke up this morning I could hear Bob Segar saying “We just walked out and got on that bike. And we rolled…and we rolled clean out of sight”

I’m putting on my motorcycle gear and heading out of town this weekend. The boyfriend and I are taking to the open highway and I’m excited! Each weekend is an adventure with a new city/area to explore!

Things I accomplished this week:

1. fixed the air conditioning in my car. (actually Max did this, but I was a kick ass supervisor/water girl)

2. I made a completely gluten free menu/meal plan for myself. Cutting out pasta, bread AND beer sucks but I’m determined to get healthy!

3. I cleaned out my car. If you’ve seen it in the past two months you’ll understand how necessary this was!!

4. I began reading and studying the book of Jonah. I’m fascinated already and will probably share my thoughts about it on here soon.

Sh*t I found online when I was suppose to be working:

Texts from Hillary (yeah that one)
Cat Scientists of the 1960s
Insane Letter from child to a TV weatherman


One thought on “May 4th: Friday Wrap Up

  1. Nancy Gorrell says:

    Happy landings guys, we missed you at Aidan’s first communion, but I’ll bet you are having fun.

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