a minute inside my head

All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  1. Why hasn’t Lisa emailed me back?
  2. Reality TV is stupid.
  3. I think I’ll go downstairs and watch some reality tv.
  4. I’m hungry.
  5. I wanna play with my phone.
  6. I think I’ll memorize the book of James.
  7. Why hasn’t Henry called me back? He hates me.
  8. Oh God, my phone is ringing. Who died?
  9. I should tweet that.
  10. I want cereal and coffee, but I can’t because it’s 4pm.
  11. I hate rules.
  12. Rules make me feel safe.
  13. My phone makes me feel safe.
  14. Why hasn’t Greg emailed me back?
  15. Does anyone ever email anyone back?
  16. I have never been this tired IN MY LIFE.
  17. I love my family so much. I’m so lucky.
  18. I wish I could go see a movie by myself.
  19. No one reads my blog. It’s probably because I call it a blog.
  20. I should tweet that. No that’s stupid.
  21. I’m doing everything wrong.
  22. I need new cool glasses.
  23. Did I already shave my legs today?
  24. I’m so lazy.
  25. Where’s my phone?
  26. I should check my Facebook notifications.
  27. I think I need a new pair of shoes.
  28. I wanna do high school over again.
  29. I’m starving.
  30. Why do I feel too old to eat fun things?
  31. I should tweet that.
  32. Why doesn’t anyone ever retweet me?
  33. This is no way for a 28 year old woman to live.
  34. I love my boyfriend.
  35. Oh shit, here he comes.
  36. We would all be happier in Texas.
  37. Hey Jesus, knock knock…
  38. I think a new computer would help me do all this work.
  39. I’m too old to start anything.
  40. I haven’t exercised in days.
  41. You know what I need? A new shirt. That always changes my attitude.
  42. Yoga? Hot or not?
  43. I burned 300 calories at the gym and put them all back in via that damn Frappucino I had at Target.
  44. Everything is falling apart.
  45. I’m talented.
  46. I need an assistant.
  47. Why hasn’t Pete responded to my kick ass business idea yet?
  48. Everyone hates me.
  49. Screw them. I’m REALLY cool.
  50. Oh man, that was a really depressing exercise. I should probably be back in therapy.


3 thoughts on “a minute inside my head

  1. oh. my. gosh. you are so funny. This was my treat today!

  2. leann payne says:

    you are funny and i always read your blog i’ll comment more so you know. PS i think everyone thinks like that!

  3. Nancy Gorrell says:

    OMG! A fellow worry wart! As you get older, this stuff grinds through your head at 4AM when you get up to pee and can’t get back to sleep. I shouldn’t tell you this. Worry worry.

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