friday wrap-up

Right now I’m packing my bag and heading out of town with my favorite guy. This weekend’s adventure: Try to find things I like in his town. I enjoy my weekends in Sonora going to all the places HE likes but I’ve yet to find anywhere that feels like it fits “me”. This weekend we’ll be exploring more around the area to discover theaters, art shops, a good church and a place that serves the whiskey I like!

And now for something fun: (I’ll probably be doing this weekly wrap up thing every Friday. No pinky swear though.)

Stuff I accomplished this week:

-unpacking the last of my moving boxes. I did a celebratory dance, a celebratory shot of jaeger and then I fell asleep at 8:30.

-started making a list of marriage and relationship books I should start reading soon. Yeah, its still a surreal feeling.

-decided that I definitely need to think about possibly, maybe someday soon, going gluten free (at least once a week). My intestines may like me better then.

Sh*t I found online while I was supposed to be working:

If you’re preganant, don’t watch scary stuff, k?

Texts from a dog (seriously)

Dinosaur radiator. I want this.

Be considerate of your neighbors people!



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