crazy little thing called love

So I’ve met the man I’m going to marry.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Crazy huh??

Lord knows that my sweet father has been praying for YEARS for me to find a man who would simply put up with me for the rest of (his) life. And I always believed there was probably only one man in this world who could do the job. He’d be highly medicated, learn to roll his eyes and shake his head at me frequently…but it would be possible!

And not only have I found that man, he swears he loves me not in spite of my quirks but because of them!

(insert cliche awwwwwwww moment here)

Let me add to this crazy story by saying I only met him three months ago. It began with a series of emails that led to a few brief phone calls followed by one of the best first dates either of us had ever been on. Since then, we’ve yet to go more than three days without seeing each other and not only have I continued to learn more about HIM, I have discovered so much more about myself through his eyes. I recently met his amazing family and am looking forward to having him spend time in Kentucky with my family next month.

Three months ago my life looked very different than it does at this moment. I had no clue I’d be so happy in this new way. And right now I find myself giggling as I sit beside this amazing man. As I write this we’re looking at rings and discussing our future together.

CRAZY…but it’s amazing.

And the place I’m at is exactly where I want to be.

(In case anyone is confused, NO we are not officially engaged. YET…)


6 thoughts on “crazy little thing called love

  1. Love the Elf video!! and I’m so happy for you! I love how open and honest you are on this blog, too.

  2. leann payne says:

    oh that’s great!!! ps I just “got it” what Helena handbasket sounds like !! Funny So where is a picture of this dude??

  3. Cindy Hooper says:

    What wonderful news!! I’m so happy for you Kara. God bless you both!

  4. You are a hoot, and I love you! I am glad you are crazy in love. Love is of God….Nice!

  5. Nancy Gorrell says:

    You’re happy, Max is happy and I’m happy!

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