the bananas are talking

Sometimes, just for kicks, I like to write secret messages on the bananas in my house. You know, so that it will scare the living $#*! out of my roommates.

I’ve always dreamed of doing this at the grocery store and then slowly walking away. Can you imagine? A woman walks up to buy her family some bananas and she finds a message on it. Or a guy buys some and the next morning he freaks out when a message appears right there in the fruit bowl. Creepy…. yet awesome.

suppose you could write sweet, complimentary things on anonymous bananas, like “You’re so beautiful” and junk, but honestly I think having a banana hitting on me would be way creepier than one telling me to “Act natural.  You’ll be contacted soon.”  It’s probably just me.
Here’s a few of my ideas…some clever, some terrifying, some dirty…..

These are not the bananas you’re looking for.

If found, please return to tree.

“reD ruM”

For intended purpose only.

“I can’t stand this bunch I’m with”

“Eat more grapes”

“Banana hammock”

“I taste like chicken”

Have you seen my monkey?

“Yellow #5”

“knock knock”

“Don’t trust the apples”

Want to know how to do this?


The easiest way is to use a toothpick and very lightly trace letters or draw pictures on the skin of a banana. Don’t scrape hard or deep, just start writing and you’ll see the letters form. After a while the letters will turn brown. The banana under the skin won’t be bruised and you’ll get your message across.


One thought on “the bananas are talking

  1. You are a funny woman!!!! I don’t eat nanners….:(

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