my therapist just quit.

My therapist just quit.

She told me she’s “moving.”

You can’t see my eyes rolling, but they are.

Veeeery slowly.

I hung up the phone with her and quickly thought through all of the things I had shared during our last session. Was it something I said?

I’m no longer afraid to say that I love Jesus, but I’m not religious.

I don’t feel guilty that I don’t go to church every Sunday.

And guess what? I sometimes swear when I pray.

I also drink whiskey regularly and eat way too many junior mints (in bed, for breakfast.)

I ride motorcycles now.

I mentor college girls. This sometimes requires me to go find them at 2am and have a required Come to Jesus talk. Mostly I tell them to get a grip and stand up for themselves.

I fail miserably at pleasing people.

My OCD is so bad I sort all of my items into categories in my shopping cart and line them up in correct order when in the checkout line.

I’m currently dating a man only 7 years younger than my father.

Yes, my father is fine with it. Get over it.

I’m currently building an entire shelving unit in my closet to house all of my shoes, mainly all of the cowboy boots I own.

I’m known at the local gun range. 

I create limericks about red vines while in the shower.

I hope she’s happy in “Kansas.” Funny thing, she didn’t have anyone she could immediately refer me to… : )


One thought on “my therapist just quit.

  1. Nootropics says:

    Greeting from across the sea. Great blog I must return for more.

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