why helena handbasket?

When I began Kara’s Chronicles I wanted to provide a sneak peek into my life of ministry while living in Prague.  It has taken me nearly five years of writing on this blog to realize I couldn’t full express everything that I wanted to here. I felt boxed in by invisible rules and boundaries in addition to peoples ideas and criticisms of what this space should look like. I am now settled back into life in the States and its time for a new direction.

For those of you who have been following along in my journey over the last year and a half, you know I have wrestled with my true identity and using my voice again, without fear. Well I’m (mostly) fearless in my writing now. I want to move forward sharing authentically and unapologetically from my heart.

So just like my life over the last few months, this blog needed to be revamped.

And renamed.

My middle name is Helena. I take pride in my Polish roots and smile when those few close friends call me by my middle name. So….

Helena Handbasket.

Yes, my sarcasm still knows no bounds.

Still don’t get it? Just say it out loud. Sloooowly. :-)

You’ll also find my about kara section has been updated as well as a new page featuring my current reading list. I’ll update this from time to time as I’m in the local bookstore often finding new things to read!



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