Lent: remain


when there is

when conflict

when there is
a chance for

what do you do?

when we are
not in control

when the path
may be overgrown

do you persevere?
or do you give in?
do you turn and run?

it amazes me
the strength it
takes to remain

to stand tall
and take on
whatever life dishes out

determining each step
is rarely in our grasp

yet we still lean
into the strong storm

we do not hide
from the opposition

the answer lies within

in that part of us
we do not shout of

it is our inner strength
that allows us to be
the person we never
knew we could be

and be amazed
at what you learn

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One thought on “Lent: remain

  1. What a beautiful post! What a special time of year this is to remember the sacrifice that was made for us!

    Kara, I was wondering also about discussing your requirements regarding permission to use your images. Our church is having a women’s event in May and I found an image on your site that would be perfect for our promotional materials. Could you please contact me at vwvanatics@sbcglobal.net and we could talk about this further? Thanks!

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