Lent: a journey to wholeness

You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.  Psalm 51:16-17

It is not surprising that in a culture like ours, that craves comfort and ease, few people practice fasting and self-sacrifice during Lent anymore. Deliberately walking with Christ towards the Cross is very costly. In fact, it demands our whole life.

On this Ash Wednesday, I am already aware of this: Lent is not really about sacrifice or deprivation.  Last year I chose to enter into the season of Lent with the desire to refocus my life and get closer to Jesus. I went down the path of great sacrifice and although I wouldn’t change it, this year looks much different.

I do see this as a time to set aside my busyness and sweep out the destructive habits that keep me focused on myself and my own selfish desires in order to focus on the truly important things of God. But I also believe that this is a space to take on something new. To learn a new discipline, to engage in the work of the Holy Spirit in a new way and live my life out of more freedom, love and truth. I no longer want to just live toward something, I want to live OUT something. My faith continues to grow. I’m finding it’s not just in the knowledge but in the expressions of who I am and what I believe that I discover more freedom. 

So for the next 40 days I won’t be focusing as much on what I need to let go of, but rather what I need to take on….the characteristics and heart of the One I choose to follow.

More truth,

more grace,

more love,

more expression of my true self,

more dreaming what He’s already been dreaming for me.

And so it begins…


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One thought on “Lent: a journey to wholeness

  1. Good words here Kara. I like the idea of taking on more who Christ has made me to be…appreciate your perspective. Praying for you as you lean into Him….grace & peace to you.

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