When life happens…blogging doesn’t

Over the last few weeks I haven’t had much to say here. I still write everyday but there was nothing I felt worth sharing. I woke up this morning determined to publish something so that frankly people don’t forget I’m here. And then it hit me.

I’m actually living so I don’t have to talk so much about what it might be like to truly live. The freedom I have recently experienced has been incredible. I have been slowly simplifying my life, using my creativity in new ways and finding opportunities to be vulnerable and take risks often.

Since I stopped consistently writing on my blog, a lot of life has happened…

I learned (again) that love knows no bounds. I know that I will go to the ends of the earth for my family and closest of friends. And I know they would do the same for me.

I am daily living as a woman confident of her faith, creativity, sexuality, goals and desires for the future.

I have been reminded that life is short. I won’t waste opportunities or experiences that are life giving for temporary things anymore.

I have experienced what true wrestling with my God is all about. I no longer fear sharing everything with Him.

Laughter really is the best medicine, folks. Trust me.

I tested and strengthened my belief in wholeness within a relationship with a man. I may have burned my list earlier this year, but I still have a few non negotiables and those things I refuse to compromise on.

Community is necessary. No one can live alone. We need each other, especially at the times we don’t want people around us.

I have seen deep healing. I can look back in awe of God slowly fulfilling that vision He gave me last year. The words “you will take part in other people’s deep healing” is already happening.

I’m not finished.

Not even close.

But I am thankful for where I am at, the life I am choosing to live.

A life that every day brings me a little closer to the Cross. To my Savior.


One thought on “When life happens…blogging doesn’t

  1. Sean Glen Barth says:

    It’s always nice to read your words.
    Waiting to see them is patience well spent.

    People and choices in our lives are like the many branches on an old vine.
    Some continue to grow and blossom every year.
    Many go dormant for a bit only to return with perfect timing.
    While others die off for whatever reason but stay connected as reminders.
    Sean Barth
    Continue to blossom.
    keep faith in those that return in times for support.
    Let go but don’t forget the lessons learned.

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