a life spent waiting

Ever feel like you’re waiting for something? Waiting for your life to begin?

At 28 I’m aware that I may have only lived a little over 1/3 of my life.

Life is short. Happiness cannot wait.

I can’t wait for the right career to just appear. I have to go looking for it and make sure it happens.

I can’t wait for the right relationship to magically fall in front of me. I have to pursue what I want.

How long Lord? How much longer??

I’m tired of asking these questions. And I’m sure Jesus is tired of hearing me ask them daily. :)

I’m not “waiting” anymore. This present time, the right now, this is exactly where life is happening. And I will continue to miss out if I keep looking back at the past or too far into the future. So today, right now, I will continue to serve. To encourage. To breathe deeply. I will love and give grace without hesitation and speak truth freely. I will not hide. I will not wait.


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