today I will…

Recently on a blog I consistently read, the writer posed a series of questions that I haven’t been able to escape:

Today, what did I do for my mind? my body? my spirit? my relationships? my creativity? my passions?

I have a hard time answering that if I look back at what was yesterday. But today I am confident I will be able to answer these questions well. I intend on listening to my heart, feeding my mind and body and staying aware of what is needed in my relationships. I have the entire afternoon to tap into my creativity and focus on things I am passionate about. I plan to reconnect with an old friend, begin a writing project I’ve been too afraid to start until now, photograph in the wine country and  this day will end with me spending time with a community of people I have come to love and appreciate being a part of.  A day that is life-giving.

Today I will create.

Today I will breathe deeply.

Today I will rest from worry and work.

Today I will allow my His spirit to move freely with mine.

Because today is my Sabbath.




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