Invitations from God: Follow

What Jesus wants from us is not admiration but imitation. Ronald Rolheiser

I have learned over my short twenty eight years of life that following is not easy. Neither is leading. But the practice of being a follower requires humility, awareness and guts. It takes a strength and patience that is built over time.

In order to follow I have to let go of my own way. When Jesus tells me to go left instead of right I still want to ever so slightly lean my own way just in case He changes His mind. :-)  But each time I have to surrender that part of me that says “I got this. I know what to do all on my own.”

When I hear Jesus’ words Take up your cross and follow me, I am reminded that in doing so we may be brought straight to our own Gethsemane, awash in struggle.

The practice of following requires steadfastness. This life, this journey of following the One I love, is a road I’ll be on my whole life. Because to follow Jesus is to be like Him and that’s what my heart truly desires. Jesus modeled being a follower. His first invitation to humanity is to follow (Mark 1:17) and what was most likely His last invitation was similar (John 21:22)

Following Jesus means falling more in love with Him and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be devoting my life to!





One thought on “Invitations from God: Follow

  1. I’m right there with you. I’m unbelievably in love with my King. Following isn’t easy but once you love Him thismuch, following becomes easier.


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