a prayer and a door

Early this morning I walked up to the front door of a house. I placed my hands on the door and began praying words of love and restoration over the home and the people inside. In that moment I was really trusting Jesus because I had NO idea if the owner of the house was home or not. Whenever I see this particular person I witness someone filled with brokenness and fear. Someone who is afraid to receive love and lives out of their pain. I can see this because I too have lived this way. Some days I still do. If you have read this blog regularly over the last year you have seen the slow transformation of my heart and the change in my life since I have accepted grace and love. I no longer constantly fear receiving from others or question motivations. I am also aware that this isn’t a one time decision. I’m still learning this lesson. It’s a daily practice of giving and receiving love freely without conditions, yet still keeping your dignity intact. Today I felt the need to stop and pray for this specific person; for the walls of fear to crumble and love to break through and heal. That they would feel the overwhelming embrace and love only God can provide.

While I stood at the door I provided two blessings. First I prayed this prayer through tears and will continue to at every opportunity I get:

Circle (name), Lord
Keep comfort near and discouragement afar.
Keep peace within and turmoil out.
Keep protection near and danger afar.

Circle (name), Lord
Keep hope within and despair without.

Circle (name), Lord,
Keep healing within and sickness without.
Keep peace within and anxiety without.
Keep light near and darkness afar.

May the peace of all peace be yours today,
To shield you, (name), on every side.

In the name of the eternal Father, Son and Holy Spirit

And then I began to hum and sing the words of a song that has recently captured exactly what I’ve wanted God to hear me cry out, for myself, as well as for others.

Ruin my life, the plans I have made
Ruin desires for my own selfish gain
Destroy the idols that have taken Your place
‘Till its You alone I live for,
You alone I live for.


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