today I miss…

This morning a friend and I were discussing our future dreams and plans and as we shared what we were looking forward to, we also shared things that we are missing right now.

Today I miss:

  • my desk. Being in transition once again has forced me to keep most of my things in boxes. All of my art supplies are spread out in several boxes, in several rooms. I wish it was different.
  • a real creative space. A place (outside of my house) that I can go to draw, paint, sing, dance; essentially express my heart in a variety of ways.
  • Blake’s little feet running after me yelling RaRaaaaa!
  • my home in Prague. I’ve been missing that city and my amazing friends there a lot as of lately.
  • Kentucky fish fry parties with the family. It’s hard to live so far away sometimes.
  • being called Maddog.
  • the rain. As much as I complained last winter, I’d take a rainy day over 100 degree heat anytime!
  • being quiet. I’m trying to carve out more time to rest and learn to just “be still”

Even though speaking these things out today made me sad, I am very grateful that I currently have all that I need!


One thought on “today I miss…

  1. J O says:

    I thought you might be interested in this page because you wrote you miss Prague —

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