adventures in dating

In an attempt to have some lighter content on my blog and the sheer fact that I have enough of these stories to publish a book, I’ve decided to start writing some of my most memorable dating experiences. The good, the bad and the very ugly situations I’ve seen just in the past decade, I’ll make sure to cover them all.

Over the next several days/weeks you’ll hear about my worst first date EVER, Mr. Passive Aggressive, Mr. Politician-wannabe, the guy with the dirty pick up lines, the first date I had with a man who brought his mother to dinner, the guy who invented forks (or at least knows WAY too much about them), along with the radio station breakup story, the man who “Notebooked” me, the “sperm bank history” guy, the most spontaneous first date I’ve had and the best date I’ve ever been on.

And if my future is anything like the past…well, these stories could be endless. Here’s to hoping that’s not true!



One thought on “adventures in dating

  1. Wolf's Ink says:

    Okay, I’m looking forward to this one lol

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