just dance

Does nobody else dance around half naked in their kitchen?? I was just told this is not normal. Add this to the list of reasons I’m a nut.

I listen to a lot of music. And I mean A LOT. I just combined all of my music into one library on my computer this morning. I have nearly 20,000 songs and I still think there’s room for much more! Music can easily change my mood. And one of my favorite things to do is dance. I dance all the time at home. When I’m cleaning, when I’m on the phone. And especially when I cook. It seems that every time I go into my kitchen to create a new dish I find myself turning on the stereo and dancing along. Now, anyone that wants to cook with me must dance as well. :-)

For most of my life I thought everyone danced. I thought everyone wanted to dance. But then I discovered that a friend of mine doesn’t. I mean he really doesn’t dance. He broke out into a cold sweat when I asked him just to try! It took me almost 10 minutes to get him to shuffle his feet and even (awkwardly) move his shoulders. (yeah, that’s right. I talked him into it. I can wear people down pretty fast if they trust I’ve got a reason for what I’m doing.)

Here’s what I witnessed: my friend cannot dance…yet. But seeing him loosen up and be free to make a fool of himself was awesome. There is something great about watching a person be uninhibited and express themselves. Whether it’s through dance or any other medium of art.

So next time you get the urge to tap your feet, shake your hips or nod your head to a good beat DO IT. No matter where you’re at. Choose a simple freedom. I promise you’ll at least get a good laugh at yourself and an opportunity to smile!

Here’s a random list of songs that my nieces and I danced to this week. Each one puts me in a great mood and get me dancing and giggling every time. Pure JOY!

One Republic- Good Life

Crash Kings- Mountain Man

Young MC- Bust A Move

Train- Save Me, San Francisco

Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel

Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow

DEVO- Whip It

Outkast- Hey Ya


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