twenty eight

Today is my 28th birthday. And when I think back through the last year, honestly? I’m absolutely exhausted. It has been quite a year! It almost feels like five years worth of life have been packed into 12 short months.

Today has been bittersweet so far. I have already had some time to celebration and also moments filled with a few tears and sadness. You know how New Years Day feels like the start of something? The beginning of a new calendar year, a fresh start? Well that’s how my birthday has always felt to me. The ending of an incredible year and the start to what I pray will be a year full of discovery, hope, love and adventure!

I have so much to be thankful for.

I truly have some of the most incredible friends and family a girl can have! So SO blessed by each person in my life who encourages, challenges and loves me endlessly. There are not enough words for how much it means to me to be supported and covered in love.

I am thankful for Jesus and His constant presence in my life. I don’t want to take a step in life without Him by my side.

I am grateful that I am sustained. I don’t always have security, success or a feeling of being “settled” but I’m sustained. That’s really all I need. And want.

I am thankful for my own God given creativity and the ways I have allowed myself to express my heart through dance, music, photography and many other ways this year.

Today I hope to spend a bunch of time outdoors. Talk to all my family in Texas and Kentucky. Take some new photos. Laugh constantly. Get encouragement and words of affirmation. Dance and sing like crazy later this evening. And I’d like to finish the day with a glass of whiskey, a box of junior mints and a blanket on the couch, watching my favorite movie (Fight Club).

I’m ready and excited for the adventures this coming year will bring! Cheers!


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