simply worship

“All of life is ceaseless worship.”

Last night I attended a worship service with a couple of friends. I felt like I had been moving nonstop for the entire week and just wanted to end with resting in a time of worship through music. This particular gathering is part of a typically very charismatic group of people. Other events I have attended there have been filled with healing, people speaking in tongues, lots of emotion and high energy. But last night was different. It was a low attendance night and as soon as I walked in I could tell it was going to be more “low key.” For most of the night I sat, eyes closed just breathing in the words and listening to the dozens of people around me crying out to God and I realized how much I miss that. The feeling of being a part of corporate worship. Standing (or sitting) beside others who want to participate in the simple act of worshiping God. I need more of that.

The service ended after an hour but the worship continued.  Through conversation, laughter and spending time together with my friends I felt like God was still being glorified. THIS is what He intended for us. Community. Togetherness.

Worship isn’t limited to a handful of songs on a Sunday morning. It isn’t only directed and well written prayers. It’s the daily ins and outs of life. I worship just by recognizing and enjoying His creation when I go for a hike. I worship Him when I share a meal with a group of people and take the time to bless them. I can even worship him while grocery shopping. Daily worship is communion with God. It simply means remembering and honoring God’s presence.


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