love (re)defined

I am finding myself well into the beginning stages of a relationship and for what is most likely the first time ever I am fearless.

I am allowing myself to be vulnerable again when I have every reason not to. I am receiving love and am not questioning anyone’s motives. I’m letting myself live in the right now and not thinking or fearing “the end.” I believe for the first time ever (in a romantic relationship) I am experiencing love in a healthy way, trusting that any obstacles that come our way are not intended to hinder us but just to slow us down and keep us focused.

Redefining love has not been an easy process but the freedom and hope I am experiencing right now is worth the last eight years of pain and work. I had to first learn to love myself the way God does and only now am I able to look back and see how far I’ve come. Now that I can receive love I am able to give love more freely.

Love is appreciating moments of silence and not always looking to fill that time.

Love is a guitar, a piano and two people creating new music together. Never to be heard by anyone else.

Love is enjoying a favorite bottle of wine on the beach next to the only person you want beside you at that moment.

Love is sitting on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night eating ice cream and junior mints.

Love is a cheesy mix tape with songs that have special significance.

Love is holding hands and sharing a simple prayer together.

Love is having those difficult conversations instead of avoiding and ignoring.

It is SO much more than this.

Love tells the truth. Love is fearless and boundless. It is not easy or always simple.

And love is worth fighting for.


2 thoughts on “love (re)defined

  1. Kristin says:

    Love this…and you by the way…

  2. raquela1 says:

    Great post! I’m very happy for you and you deserve to live in this awesome space of love and freedom–I’m certainly enjoying the same space in my life, too! : )

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