dream on

I have a very specific dream for myself and late last night I finally wrote it down in my journal. I have not and do not intend on sharing it with anyone. You see this dream is something God and I created together. It’s the first time I didn’t come up with a plan and just ask him to sign off on it. I wasn’t looking for just his stamp of approval. This time I wanted us to discover together the direction I should be going in and what HE wants for me. I found that God truly desires to give me freedom. When I finally wrote down the words I was brought to tears. This dream is like nothing I’ve ever imagined before. And that’s how I know God is involved. Who knows the timing of it all. I’m not even sure it will look anything like the exact words I wrote down but I’m confident I’m right where I’m suppose to be at this moment and some amazing things are about to start happening. This year I’ve discovered that when Jesus and I team up together there’s no stopping us!

“Dream until your dream comes true.” -Aerosmith


One thought on “dream on

  1. Kristin says:

    Years ago I would have to take a nap after taking a shower. I was just tired all the time. About the time Nathan and Jake were in 3rd grade. I drug myself to doctor after doctor and they all just said don’t know what to do for you as I laid on their exam tables too tired to even sit up. It was then that God showed me the truth of one of my favorite verses. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.” I had long lists of things I wanted to accomplish and thought God wanted me to accomplish. But it was as I lay on my bed that He brought the verse to mind. It was He that had allowed me the body I had. It was he that had allowed me to deal with being so tired. There are no accidents with God. So, as I lay there thinking about MY list, He showed me that that verse was still true. But if the verse were still true then it meant that the list was not His list but mine as there was no physical way for me to accomplish my list given the strength He had allowed me to have. I would have the needed strength, His, to do what He wanted me to accomplish but that might mean that what He wanted me to do was rest. I hear that from Him again these days after having been with my dear friend who is dying with cancer. I am tired and I hear Him say, “In quietness and rest is your strength.” As much as I would love to continue on taking care of her that is not what He has for me now. So, I rest in peace knowing He takes care of her and me. I had my time of getting to see Him work through me in her life and now I get to sit back and see Him finish, as he promised, what He has begun in her life. I got to tell her about God this spring, see her accept Him as savior and have gotten to marvel as He pours His life into her and see the peace He brings manifested in her life daily. It has been fun to experience letting Him lead me as opposed to what I used to do. Which was as you described, getting Him to rubber stamp my plans. My current prayer is often, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” I repeat it over and over often as I tend to be good at planning and not so good at listening. Thanks for sharing Kara. Love you,

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