self reflection

I’ve realized or rediscovered a few things about myself this week.

1. I am a total wine snob. It took everything within me to hold my tongue when someone brought me boxed wine recently. I politely set it aside and gave them a ’02 Chilean Malbec and a piece of dark chocolate. I may be a snob but I’m totally willing to bring people over to the good side.

2. I protect my family at all costs and will unleash if you mess with those I love. Seriously, this Texas girl doesn’t mess around. I saw a rarely seen side of myself this week. I believe I inherited my mother’s “mama bear” quality.

3. I ask too many questions. I usually see this as a good thing because I see things that others don’t. When I want to find out more about something, someone or their thoughts I just ask. But I’m realizing there are moments I just need to shut up and listen.

4. I am my own worst critic. No one can make me feel more like shit than myself. The enemy is so good at helping me along in this!

5. I may not have children of my own but I am incredibly blessed by the kids in my life. They teach me so much through their honest words, creative minds and compassionate hearts.

6. I have a lot of family. Each person is unique and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. It’s overwhelming to think of all the love and support that has been lavished on me. Also, see #2.

7. I don’t expect enough from the people around me. Or maybe I have too high of expectations? Either way I’m finding myself more and more disappointed lately and I have to believe the issue is with me not them. Starting to look at that a little more now.

8. I won’t accept anything other than 100% honesty. I’m tired of receiving half truths and little white lies. It’s disrespectful and it makes me question trusting someone. If you can’t tell me the full story don’t tell me anything. If you really don’t have time for me then just say it. Don’t try to cram in time with me and waste hours that I could be doing something else. A person’s either completely honest or not. It’s pretty black and white to me.

9. There are talents I have and experiences I’ve gained that I want to share with people. Like playing the trumpet for 6 years, being trained in classical ballet or the fact that I’ve gone bungee jumping…three times.  Oh and there was that televised polka party…. As much as I try to live transparently I still find myself holding back sometimes.

10. On occasion I have been known to crave mint chocolate ice cream and a shot of Baileys in the middle of the night. And sometimes I give into the craving.


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