the lies that oppress me

No more.

No more believing the lies. I’m done with allowing myself to feel oppressed. God’s voice has become a whisper over the last few days while everyone else seems to be screaming at me.

A friend told me that the enemy will choose to attack my greatest strengths and I fully believe he’s right. I find myself often questioning the very things I believe God has given me to encourage and give to others. Sometimes it’s really difficult to hear the lies over and over though. Each time I get more weary and allow it to hurt me…even though I know the truth. But this morning I woke up feeling ready to let it all go (again). I might not be able to control how other people act but I do get to decide how their words and actions affect me.

I will no longer believe I am not good enough.

I won’t allow someone else to tell me who I am and who I’m not.

I choose not to believe the lie that says my voice doesn’t matter, my heart will never heal, that my dreams and desires will never be reached and “this is as good as it gets.”

The one who says I’ll never be a mother is wrong. The one who writes that I don’t deserve family is wrong. The one who screams I’m a terrible daughter, friend, sister, leader, influence to others… is wrong.

I will no longer question the people in my life who have gone so far to show me that they love and care for me.

I won’t let attacks to my integrity, my character, my relationships, my past and my opinions oppress me.

I will continue to love those around me and not hold back.

I will continue to speak truth.

I will give and receive grace.

I will move forward aware and confident that I’m right where I’m suppose to be. If I’m following God and listening to His voice, His truth, than I can live in freedom.


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