my living list


Have you heard? The world is ending on May 21st. THIS Saturday. If you’re just now finding out I apologize but some of us only have five more days on this earth. Crazy right? But really according to these people, we should be getting prepared my friends.

Part of me wants to believe that the world will end on Saturday. I have a really good, creative list of things I wanted to do before I’m out of here and I feel like I should start my list. If the next five days were my last five days a lot would change.

Seriously though, plenty of people have a list of things they want to do before they die. Some call it their “bucket” “buried” or “wish” list. But I’ve got a living list. I don’t want to do things right before I “think” I might die. I don’t want to wait. The time is now. I’ve got important things to get to and I’m not willing to wait until I think I’m almost out of time.

But just in case the loony people are right about this end of the world thing this weekend….I’ll humor them.

*I want to go back home to Prague and pray over that city for an entire day. Prayer without ceasing (although I may take a break for a beer and a trdelnik.)

*I’d want to call my father and share everything I’ve ever held back. Crap, you know what? I wanna do that with everyone in my life. Truth and love without boundaries or filters.

*I’d buy as much whiskey, wine and chocolate as I could and enjoy each at every meal. And no, I’m not sharing.

*I’d finally share some of the original music I’ve written with the world with MY name on it. Unapologetic. Unafraid.

*I would want to see Jesus one last time in the bread aisle at the grocery store just to make sure I’m buying the right kind of bagels. I’d also challenge him to a game of darts at a local bar because I’m pretty sure I have a chance at kicking his ass.

*I’d write less, speak less and listen more.

*I would fly to see her and tell her as much about Jesus as I could.

*I’d go rock climbing in Thailand and then immediately fly to South Africa to surf with my dear friends there.

*I would finally let him love me and stop running away in fear.

*I would forgive them.

*There would be no stopping me in my quest to hug everyone I could.

*I would have my iPod playing continuously. Rock, country, blues, jazz.. I wouldn’t be able to get enough.

And finally I want to end up at a quiet spot on a beach in Cancun. I’d lie down in the white sand, breathe, listen to the waters move and reflect on my short 28 years with a smile all while Clapton plays from my headphones. I have been richly blessed. And even if I didn’t wake up the next morning that’d be alright. I’d be at the beginning of a really long party with Jesus. And that sounds pretty damn good to me.

This afternoon I’m starting to work through this list (which actually filled up three pages in my journal.) No, I don’t believe the world will end on Saturday. Regardless, it has caused me to remember that life is indeed short (if you are unsure of this, just ask me about it) and nothing should stop me from living right now. I’ve got flights to book, phone calls to make, letters to write and people to see. Gotta go.


One thought on “my living list

  1. sasa says:

    Hey Kara,
    thanks for sharing this! And great read see “coming home to Praha” at the top of your to-do list! Glad you´re “starting to work through this list” :-))
    Anyway, long time, no see. Where are you, actually? I will probably be in US between June 1-15. Including LA. Might see Mike Katz… How about you?
    You´re blessed, my brave friend!
    Shoot me an email if you will.

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