The Practice of Love

This collection of stories explores a remarkably simple idea. What would it look like to practice love? What would happen if we actively chose to engage a deep sense of love even in hard places? The possibilities include a love for God, a love for the self, a love for a neighbor, and even a love for an enemy. What emerges will inspire and challenge the reader to reconsider what it means to live out the practice of love in our lives.

Jesus invited people to engage love as a way of living. It was the defining act of what it meant to live. And in doing so, he opened up a world that revealed something extraordinary: the Kingdom of God. To live a life based on the practice of love requires courage and conviction. It often means facing fears that are not easily overcome. But in the end, the practice of love invites us to discover something deeper about what it means to be human.

Last year my friend Jonathan Brink asked me to participate in this book project. As much as I love to write and share my life stories and thoughts on faith I hesitated. This story would be different. I would have to share the painful, messy story of learning to love myself; to see myself the way God sees me- as very good. In the end I chose to write a chapter so others could see another piece of my story and witness my journey of living a life of love, not fear.

I am so excited that I participated along with some amazing writers! The Practice of Love will be released on May 1st on Amazon, but if you would like to pre-order the book, just click here.


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