Lent: Holy Week

Holy means “set apart.” As a Christian, I want to set apart an entire week – Holy Week – to recall the events surrounding the suffering, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. This season of Lent has been a time for spiritual renewal. A renewal of my mind, my heart, my energy and my perspective. I’m walking towards the Cross. Over the next few days I want to read and meditate on Jesus’ journey to the Cross.

Let us walk the way of the Cross together
And move forward without fear into God’s eternal purposes
May we trust in God alone, then we will never know disgrace

In the midst of grief and despair
May we sense Easter springtime coming
Death’s dark and overwhelming night
Will give way to resurrection light

May we look and listen,
Responding to the Spirit of God who lives within us
May we throw off our grave clothes
And take on the life of the one who raised Christ from the dead

Lord have mercy
When I stand in the shadow of the cross
Christ have mercy
When I kneel with a repentant heart
Lord have mercy
And shine your resurrection light on us

Here are some websites/blogs that I am looking forward to reading throughout this week:

Readings for Holy Week

Stations of the Cross 


Ancient Spirituality: Walking with God

Journey through Jesus’ last week


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