I read ALL the time. I usually have at least one book with me at all times. And my ipod currently has 28 books on it so when I travel I’ve got lots of options. Blogs, books, articles, the list goes on and on. I’ve had several people ask me recently to share what I’m reading so here are a few of my current favorites:

Blogs I’m reading:

Bianca shares her thoughts on the land in between.

Rachel asks the question What makes you burned out on religion?

I’m challenged and encouraged by Scott’s words to live without limits.

Pastor Nar shares why he gave up the Bible for Lent.

I can SO relate to the feelings of residing in the liminal space that Meg talks about.

Books I’m reading:

Authentic Human Sexuality. A wise woman once said, “When one is not having sex, one should read about sex.” Sounded alright to me.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. Yeah, one hell of a title huh? Don’t be like me and allow the title to scare you into not reading this book for months and months. Go get a copy. Now. Right now.

Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me. Ladies, if you haven’t read any of Chelsea’s books yet, start here. I love the book description that states she “loves to smoke out dumbassness.” Yeah, me to Chelsea, me too.

Eat Right For Your Type. After starting a gluten-free diet earlier this year I saw significant changes in my health. But I was given this book recommendation by a friend and since adjusting my diet to my blood type I have seen even more results and am looking forward to continuing!

The Year of Living Biblically. Thou Shalt Read This Book.

Unconditional: The call of Jesus to radical forgiveness. Warning: Not for the weak. This will make you cry. A journey through restoring  that which is broken. Loving it so far…


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