Lent: breaking chains & creating dreams

I thought I would begin to share a few songs that I have missed listening to over the last few weeks since Lent began. My fast from music comes from a desire to focus more on Christ and less on the words of others. There is value in words of songs, friends, mentors, etc, but I need to refocus and allow God’s voice to be louder than the rest.

Mumford and Sons’ music speaks truth to me. Every song, nearly every line is filled with simple truth; honest and raw words that encourage me and cause me to make sure I’m living the way I should be. Their song Sigh No More is currently my favorite.

Love… it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free.

The first time I heard these lyrics I became sad. For many years I defined love as something to be afraid of, something that would destroy me. But the more I listened to these words and meditated on them I began to hear them like an anthem. Yes! I believe it now! Love does not create boundaries. Love will not betray or imprison anyone. It will however set us free, if we chose to live a life of love.

Be more like the man you were made to be.

We were created to lead lives of love, not fear. I’m in the midst of a transformation and a renewing of my heart. I want to daily be more and more like who I was created to be, and nothing less.

And there is a design, an alignment to cry of my heart to see, the beauty of love as it was made to be.

My heart does long for this. The beauty of love as it was intended to be. I’m trusting Jesus as my heart and spirit cry out for it. To love those around me in healthier and better ways. To receive love more often. To be conscious of the fruit in my life and what I’m producing. I’m breaking chains of fear and pain and creating dreams of love and hope. I’m finding that love is a difficult choice sometimes. But if my only alternative is fear, I chose love. No matter how painful. No matter the cost. I want my life, my story, to be one of love…unafraid and unapologetic.



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