I’ve been part of several deep conversations over the last few days and all of them have lingered with me, challenged me, and encouraged me to move forward. Here are just a few thoughts in response to those discussions:

“Would you be willing to give it all up for just one thing? Are you ready to be stripped of everything, lose your grip on all you value for the very thing you’ve asked for, waited so long for? Something you know God desperately wants to bless you with?”

This was how my conversation with one of my mentors began this morning. The simple answer is YES, I do want to surrender in order to see the greater things God has in store for me. But I’m also plagued by fear. If I let go, how long will I have to wait? And how can I be sure this is God’s voice urging me to take this risk? These and many more are the questions I’ve been asking myself all day. I’m on the edge about to jump…but am I willing to dive in fearlessly or step back and walk away from it?

Last night I shared a meal with a handful of people who bless my life in tremendous ways. I love just sitting and being in the same room with these people. They are encouragers, risk takers and trust God immensely. We had some great conversations throughout the evening but one question continues to stick with me. “What is your personal mission in life?” Honestly, that may not even be the way the original question was stated, but that is how I received it. I think the typical response to that question would result in someone sharing a lot of stories filled with countless words and thoughts. Sometimes when I hear others giving that type of answer, I get frustrated. I believe everyone needs to know their purpose or mission in life and know it well enough that they can share it in few words. Like an elevator speech. 30 seconds or less. Now, it’s taken me years of work to get to that point and I completely admit God is still very much growing me and challenging me to move forward in pursuing opportunities to share and live out my mission. But I already know what my purpose is:

To speak truth and love deeply.

Everything I do, all that I am passionate about, the things that drive me to create and work, can all be pointed back to that statement- my purpose. In ALL that I do I want to speak truth and love deeply. That’s all. If I can express that each and every day, I know I am living in the Kingdom of God and contributing my gifts and talents well. I’m praying that this next season of life for me is filled with opportunities to bring others closer to Jesus and love those around me.


2 thoughts on “conversations

  1. Rach says:

    Great mission. I love love love reading your blog! Thanks for the encouragement and challenges it gives!


  2. Sherri D. says:

    A very well prayed about, thought out Mission Statement you have there Kara!

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