The Original Nice Girl

Today’s post comes from another guest writer. I have known this woman for only a short period of time but I can tell you that she seeks God for both herself and her family. She has broken free from the “nice girl” image and lives a life of joy and authenticity. Here are some thoughts from the Original Nice Girl:

“Yep, that was me – the original nice girl. From a very young age, I learned that being nice was accepted, expected, and even rewarded. Conflict wasn’t accepted or modeled in my family so it became very uncomfortable for me (and still is, sometimes.) The fallout from this type of thinking was that I never learned to listen to myself. It was more important to be nice than to hurt someone’s feelings by telling them the truth. But I was not being true to myself. This resulted in many painful experiences including hurtful, unhealthy relationships, marrying too young, marrying the wrong person, hurting that person with my actions and ultimately divorcing.

It took a lot of pain and ultimately, forgiveness from my Creator to be able to accept myself as I am. I can now accept that most people will not run away just because I’m not “nice” (aka “a pushover”) with them. And if they do run away, that’s ok, too.”



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