my least favorite word

I hate “nice”. It’s my least favorite word. In English it’s defined as “showing or indicating very small differences; proper or suitable;  obsolete, coy, shy, or reluctant.”  Yeah, I’m not willing to be any of  those things and I don’t desire to be around others who are.

Every time I hear the word used to describe someone, this is what comes to mind. I can’t stand to be called nice. I’d much rather have someone use the  word bitch in describing me. Seriously. I also freely admit that I’ve  called people nice many times and I now need to fess up to what I mean when I use that word. Nice= weak, passive aggressive and tolerant to me. Three qualities in people who I really dislike and I strive not to be myself. In dating, when I meet or am introduced to a man I try to quickly seek out whether or not he’s a “nice guy”. If he is, it’s an early indicator that my interest won’t last. One of the least attractive qualities in a human being is passive aggressiveness. Love isn’t passive aggressive, love is difficult and painful at times but it’s always honest. I define nice as something very different from someone who is kind or compassionate. I desire to be in commiunity with kind and compassionate people.

If you’re a “nice” person I encourage you to be courageous. Say what you mean. Don’t filter everything you say or worry about others feelings so much. I’m not saying it’s OK to be hateful to one another, but overall I believe we should all seek to be authentic people. Sharing our hearts and our thoughts honestly isn’t always what people want to hear. But it may just be what they need to hear.


2 thoughts on “my least favorite word

  1. Carrie says:

    ***sitting here thinking about the many people who have called me ‘nice’ over the years…***

  2. […] my recent blog post about my dislike of the word nice, I received a lot of feedback from readers and close friends of […]

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