one day at a time

A little over a month ago a dear friend of mine attempted to end his life. This time last month, he had no hope left. He was broken, overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment and disgrace. Today he is a new man. My friend is a fighter. He’s fighting (literally) for his life.

I spoke to him earlier this morning on the phone. We cried as we talked about how God redeems and restores even the most broken and evil of situations imaginable. He shared his desire for a fresh start, a new beginning and a sense of hope and freedom that he’s never felt before. I rejoiced in seeing God’s hand in his life and just being grateful that he’s alive.

He said something towards the end of our conversation that I found to be hauntingly beautiful:
“The day I tried to end my life was the same day God said “Let’s begin again.” “

My friend has a difficult road ahead of him. He has every reason in the world to curse God and die. He’s lost everything of value in his life over the past few months. But he’s choosing to walk through the fire and allow God to refine him.

I believe God wants to speak to us and say ‘I love you’ in the scariest and darkest places of our lives. He wants to whisper “move onward child” to us in those difficult places.

Today I witnessed the heart of someone who has allowed God to begin a radical change in them and it is a beautiful thing to see. I’m grateful for a God that offers peace, hope and love that is unending.


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