body, mind and spirit

I recently made a “body, mind and spirit” plan. I long to do things that are life-giving again. I crave peace and wholeness and have set goals to be healthier- body, mind and spirit. In just a few short weeks I already have made major strides in meeting my goals.

BODY– Exactly 9 weeks ago I had two different doctors tell me just how unhealthy I was. Each told me their fears and the possible implications if I continued my unhealthy lifestyle. My eating habits were obscure, my sleeping hours were random at best and I felt plagued by very unnecessary stress. Then, cancer struck this summer. Bottom line- I was making choices that were slowly killing me.

my planned goals are:

  1. gain 25 lbs (I have already gained 9 lbs in the past 9 weeks)
  2. light exercise, practice yoga daily
  3. I created and have been incorporating 50% raw food meals into my diet in addition to a high calorie, low sugar eating plan.
  4. Choose vitamins and herbal supplements to provide even greater health benefits.
  5. Use traditional medicine as a last resort and continue using alternative medicine (ie- no Tylenol for headaches, muscle relaxants for back pain, etc)

MIND- This one was tough at first. I had to think about all the things that fill my mind each day; worries, plans, tasks, etc. But once I wrote out the long list of what occupies my time and thoughts all day long it wasn’t so difficult to plan goals.

planned goals are:

  1. Limit all social networking communication to 2-3 times per week.
  2. Establish ‘real’ working hours and finish all work related tasks by 6:30 each evening. This also includes turning off my phone by 9pm and quieting all distractions in the late evening.
  3. Incorporate more variety in the topics I chose to read and study.
  4. Become more selective about the podcasts and blogs that I subscribe to and read regularly. A number of blogs/articles I read daily have turned to gossip and outlets to bitch at people. I don’t need that.
  5. Remove all distractions (including music- this one will be tough) an hour before falling asleep. Quieting my mind before bed each night.

I’m currently reading the following books:

SPIRIT- I want to live a holistic, peaceful lifestyle. Basically, anything and anyone that is causing chaos in my life has got to go. That may sound mean and flat-out wrong to say when it comes to people, but I’m tired of having drama invade my life. I’m over it. If someone can’t learn to communicate honest and openly and respect others opinions and perspectives, there’s really no reason I need to be hanging out with them. It’s just that simple.   I am pretty selective about the people who I keep close in my life and I do that for this very reason. When someone looks at my life I want them to be able to clearly see Christ- so anything that doesn’t reflect Him has to be chiseled away.

planned goals are:

  1. Take a one day a week “Sabbath day”. No major distractions, no work, just resting and meditating.
  2. Setting aside an hour a day (typically early morning) for art expression (photographing, painting, writing, etc).
  3. Surrounding myself with like-minded people in regards to overall health and nutrition. Learning from others dietary and exercise habits.
  4. Making more time for local service projects. I love the feeling that I get when I’m helping others and I know that there are many needs in the Sacramento area.  I’m excited to start researching different opportunities.
  5. Spending more intentional time in the presence of God and looking for opportunities to pray with others more often.
  6. Seek out a new spiritual mentor/ life coach.


“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

Matthew 22:37


2 thoughts on “body, mind and spirit

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