this is my voice

I recently experienced a situation that made me think about why I have this blog. I had to ask myself, “why do I share my life and my thoughts on the internet, for all the world to see?” This wasn’t the first time I was criticized for something I wrote but it was definitely the first time I have felt attacked because of what I shared. Honestly, it crushed me. I allowed someone’s words to affect me far more than I wanted to. I even thought about deleting this blog or making it private.I felt like my voice was being silenced again. That someone told me it didn’t matter.

And then I woke up this morning. I sat up in bed and thought “Nope, my voice needs to be heard.” I have spent too much time over the last few months reclaiming my voice and I’ve come too damn far to stop now. I may only be one voice in a million but it needs to be heard. I believe every human being has a story to be told. We all just need to be willing to listen. Each story, like a piece of art,  is unique. The way each person has come to the place they are at in life, the way God has chosen to lead them, and most importantly the way each of us chooses to express our hearts are wildly different. But that is no reason not to listen and allow ourselves to be affected and changed by another’s story.

I won’t be silenced.


2 thoughts on “this is my voice

  1. raquela1 says:

    You have changed areas in my life already. Your blog is such an inspiration for me. It has lead me to change, and given me an idea of how to further hold on to my voice which I easily let be silenced in certain situations. Every day I want to delete my blog, and every next day I wake up fighting the conflict in my mind. Thank you for your strength and for continuing to share your story. I needed to hear your story so bad and it has led me so much further! Thanks girlfriend!

  2. Sam says:

    Great post! Thanks!

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