Music Monday: awake

I’ve missed sharing my love of music with readers, so this morning I chose to bring back my Music Mondays posts.

The following two songs both have special significance to me. They both have the word ‘awake’ in the title which is very timely for me right now. Since my retreat a few weeks ago I feel renewed and have been pursuing peace in my life like never before. I long to bring back things in my life that are life-giving. My soul needs to be awakened. I want to live differently- truly alive in Christ.

David Crowder Band- Come Awake

I’ve been a fan of David Crowder for many years now. There is much truth to the lyrics in his music as well. This morning during my yoga session this song was playing on my ipod. I stopped and rested in hearing the words “Night is weighing heavy now, Be quiet and wait for a voice that will say Come Awake”.  Peace, rest, awakening of my soul, THIS is want I want more of!

Favorite lyrics: “Climb from your grave,  into the light.”

Mumford and Sons: Awake My Soul

I first heard about Mumford and Sons over a year ago. Their lyrics spoke volumes to me. There is much truth to the words in every song I’ve heard. One song in particular has always affected me. Have a listen and enjoy:

Favorite lyrics: In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, Where you invest your love, you invest your life

You can watch the band perform the song here:


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