retreat: restore

I woke on the morning of day three feeling completely broken. The things that God had revealed to me the day before had kept me awake most the night. I was haunted by some and puzzled by others. I knew this was the reason I had taken this retreat. I needed to hear the clear voice of God and allow him to speak truth to me. Day three became all about restoring.

Over the last 5 months my love and devotion to Christ has grown like never before. I can look back at journal entries, emails, or my blog posts and see how God was carrying me through some difficult times and rejoiced beside me during times of joy and spiritual growth. This retreat is possibly a way that He is ending this season and beginning a new one in my life. God’s in the business of restoration and reconciliation. The changes that I’ve made over the last few months are incredible- I don’t even recognize myself some days. I have not only been restored but I’m a whole new creation in Christ. Now it’s time to take all that I’ve learned, all the wisdom He’s given me- and start living it out. Actions speak louder than words, right?

Day three schedule

7:15AM: sunrise yoga

8AM: breakfast

9AM: silent listening

10AM: Scripture reading (selected Psalms 80 & 51 God restoring and reconciling)

11:30AM: lunch

12:30-2PM: art mosaic/worship

2-3:30PM: nap/rest

3:30-5PM: music and poetry reflection ( I read selected poems that my mother wrote years ago and was inspired to write a few of my own during this time)

5:30PM: light dinner

6:45PM: sunset yoga

7:30PM: journal/reflections

8:30PM: examination of grace, Holy Communion

9:30PM: Chocolat movie (I ended my day with one of my favorite movies. There is a continuous theme throughout the film of hospitality and having a generous heart. I long to be more like that. I also love that the main character tries to shake up the rigid ways of the village. I can appreciate any woman trying to help change society and get people out of their comfort zones. :) )

11:30PM: sleep


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